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CMB1326 Diamines

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Welcome to Chembasics!

We produce research scale chemical scaffolds, which are further derivatised by our customers. The use of Chembasics scaffolds can lead to potentially very large numbers of unique and patentable structures. Structural modification using very simple chemical transformations can rapidly lead to richly functionalised, biologically relevant molecules.



The chemistry behind Chembasics scaffolds is robust, reliable and scalable. We start with readily available materials and employ simple purification techniques (avoiding chromatography). This allows us to produce research quantities (5-100g) of final products of up to 10 synthetics steps.

Unusual Compounds

Please browse our products and explore the possibilites! We also make scaffolds that are complementary to existing ones, such as the bicyclic diamines CMB1126 and CMB1326, the chiral aminoacids CMB1123 and CMB1316, or oxo-aminoacids, such as CMB1333 and CMB1334.


Please feel free to enquire about price and availability of compounds by emailing Dan:



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